Climatic box

Optimal air conditioning system for your goods, as fine with wine.
This super air conditioning system was developed for laboratories. Where the climate has to be at all corners correct. No draft of air felt by our special air distribution. No unpleasant draft of air at the legs etc.
This air conditioning system guarantees an accurate adjusted climate condition.

Outside cabinet dimensions ......(WxDxH) : 70-190 x 45-65 x 202 cm

Temperature : 20C +/- 2C 15 up to 28C +/- 0.5C
Rel. humidity: 65% +/- 2% 40% up to 75% +/- 1%
Atmosphere: 86 up to 103 kPa 86 up to 103 kPa
These achievements apply for also less achievement to winter conditions (- 10°C) in Europe, higher temperatures and high humidity needs.
Area volume: 50 m3 180 m3 800 m3
Power options: 6.3 kW 9.9 kW 14.9 kW

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