Laboratory Dyeing Jet QC 5

For the quality control of synthetic yarns (flat or texurised) on circular knitted hoses, with tensionless and careful Jet-dyeing under atmospheric conditions

All parts coming in contact with the products and chemicals are made from stainless steel

  • Technical data:


    2 x 750 grams of knitted hoses


    25 - 35 liter

    Liquor ratio:

    app. 1 : 20

    Pump kapacity:

    30 -60 liter/min

    Velocity of goods:

    12 - 60 m/min, adjustable

    2 nozzles:

    selective diameter 20,  25, 32 or 40 mm

    Heat exchanger:

    long life electrical resistance heaters of 9 kW, incorporated cooling device for indirect cooling

    DSM Control box:

    up to 9 different dyeing programs, controlling the whole dyeing, leveling, cooling and rinsing steps

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